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Memoirs to Me: Lessons in Blooming

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From Me to You

Never in a million years did I think that what started as just little letters of encouragement to myself would become a way of life for me and so many others. When I first started, I wrote these just as reminders to myself—as a way of therapeutic expression. But as I began to share, I came to understand that I wasn’t the only one trying to make sense of the tears life sometimes caused. I realized that, though we all experience blooming in different ways, we each have to endure the same seasons of doubt and disappointment. This book is birthed from the marriage of life’s lessons, and God’s grace meeting me somewhere in the middle. I pray that these words will make sense of your darkest days and help you look forward to the brightest ones.

Happy blooming!

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Note to Self

The day your wounds bleed more of wisdom than weeping, and your scars scream of joy rather than pain; that is the day you experience the true reason for grace.
— Memoirs to me: lessons in blooming


How do you thank a God who gave you life? Sometimes, it may seem like there aren’t enough words. Simple as it may be, this is my letter to Him—for all that He’s done for me.

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